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Huntington Beach Coupons Privacy Policy


Huntington Beach Coupon site sends a message loud and clear. We do not collect private data, nor do we track your use throughout this site. You can feel free to browse, read and use without your privacy being invaded. The privacy policy is so simple, old-fashioned and welcoming to consumers who want a safe haven for Internet browsing.

Below is a 2009 Internet Privacy update on guidelines from U.S. federal regulators.

U.S. tweaks Internet privacy guidelines - Federal regulators tweaked recommendations for how websites should collect, save and share information about users, extending them to Internet service providers and mobile users.

The Federal Trade Commission issued new guidance for the self-regulated industry that urges websites to tell consumers that data is being collected during their searches and to allow them to opt out.

There are few U.S. laws about the collection and use of data from the Internet, with exceptions of instances where firms fail to live up to advertised promises to protect privacy, or fail to deliver an expected level of data protection.