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Springdale Country’s Oldtime Ambiance at a Discount in Huntington Beach Press Coverage

springdale country



Springdale Store’s Karen and Harold Marcus Enjoy Oldtime Ambiance at a Discount When You Visit Springdale Country

The Old General Store, long gone from most urban America, is alive and well at Springdale Country, 15802 Springdale St. (at Edinger, west of 99-cent Store) in Huntington Beach.

It actually came into existence when the area was pretty much country around there in 1962, according to founder and still owners, Harold and Karen Marcus.

 Although the area is built up with a high school, other businesses and residences, the Marcus’ keep the old-time feeling by not only having a Candy Station in the front and a cute little Post Office in the back, but all sorts of nostalgia throughout the place. There are rare rocking horses, old toy fire trucks and soldiers, duck decoys, kerosene lamps, framed photos of early HB, ancient typewriters and many more nostalgia amongst the variety of the for-sale items like greeting cards, fine clothing, home furnishings, collectibles, HB history books and more.

“In this urban world, where things change so fast, we wanted a place where our customers could come and appreciate the past,” Harold said. “It will allow them to recall the old-fashioned values and stability of years ago.” It also has soothing music which causes you to slow down and enjoy your experience inside, what must be, one of the most unique businesses in the state. In fact, much of their business is repeat and the “old friends” gather to chat in Springdale Country.

 And, the nice employees treat the customers like family–many are on a first name basis. In this world of chain stores, it’s so refreshing to go back to the Country on Springdale. Try it. Mosey on over and take advantage of a Special Coupon Offer. Ten Percent off with a $20 Purchase or more.  See huntingtonbeachcoupon.com.