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New Zealand Natural




Why would someone in cool California ship ice cream all the way from New Zealand to a store in Huntington Beach, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood, Long Beach, Dana Point, Oceanside and up and down the coast? We Californians have always loved the New Zealanders and are told that California once looked like their beautiful country. New Zealand is known for its superb dairy products and that’s why the New Zealand Natural ice cream has been such a hit in Calif.

When a new store opened it downtown Huntington Beach, it was the treat we’d all waited for. Smooth, delicious and healthy ingredients. They actually use strict control over the cows that provide the milk for the dessert, using only grass fed cattle, no hormones, no junk, etc. It’s just great tasting, award-winning, out-of-this-world good.

We were delighted to be introduced to a coupon for the Huntington Beach store. We’re getting it posted ASAP. You’ll find it on the huntingtonbeachcoupon.com site soon. They do catering, too!


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