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Huntington Beach Stage 1 Water Alert Summer 2009

The adage, "build it and they will come" has played out in California with greater needs for drinking water resources and less water to spread around for California's uses that include consumers, and the huge farms that are responsible for making California the top producer of many vegetables.

In Huntington Beach City Administrator Fred Wilson and Director of Public Works
Travis Hopkins are implementing Stage 1 Water Alerts on behalf of the City of HB through the auspices of the Water Management Program. Regional water supply curtailments can come as early as the summer 2009. 

Stage 1 consists of voluntary water conservation measures and is implemented when water supply shortages of 10% or less are imminent. Huntington Beach gets its water from several sources that include wells and purchased water.

Alerts that there would be reduced water deliveries from the Sacramento-
San Joaquin River Delta came about last year when it was announced that an endangered fish's habitat was in jeopardy.




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