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Huntington Beach Economic Development Department Urges Residents to Shop Local!

Do you remember the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce's catchy program several years ago, "Shop, Stay & Play"? That award-winning campaign included banners along Beach Boulevard and many contests and promotions to encourage residents to spend dollars in their own community.

A new effort has been introduced by Economic Development called "Shop Local".

SHOP LOCAL - Shopping locally is more vital than ever before. Every dollar spent in Huntington Beach yields one cent of the sales tax returned to the City as part of the General Fund, which, as 59% of the City’s budget, pays for essential services. 

Police and Fire services, street and road repairs, beach and park maintenance, senior programs, library services and many more amenities residents and businesses enjoy are funded through these general fund dollars.

Shopping locally is one of the most direct ways to impact the economic health of our community and the services provided in Huntington Beach each and every day. Additionally, taxes generated from overnight stays and meetings also support critical services.

The diverse business economy of Huntington Beach includes major retailers, local merchants, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants all appreciate your staying in town to shop rather than heading out of town to do your shopping.  Think about the amazing opportunities that Huntington Beach has to offer, and how your efforts positively impact your community!



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