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Green Businesses



A "green" business is one that contributes to reducing our carbon footprint on this planet through extraordinary measures, or by a particular focus of the business itself.

Green businesses advertising on HuntingtonBeachCoupon.com include:


Huntington Surf & Sport is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health of our oceans. Formed out of a passion for surfing and ocean sports, the company has sponsored surfing teams throughout its decades of existence, and its employees volunteer for many environmental causes.

Advance Camera Repair promotes refurbishment and recycling of cameras, camera products and camera parts.

Appliance Parts Bank is a green-focused company that's all about recycling, repairing and re-using. It sells parts for appliances and even offers a repair service.

Arco Gas & Smog helps to improve air quality through precision smog testing, repair and reduction of pollutants. The company passes thorough regulations and testing, itself, in providing gas for consumers, and properly disposing of oil and other by-products of car maintenance.

Baseball Cards Plus promotes collecting and saving treasures such as sports cards.

Bill's Camera helps consumers by offering repair services, and re-sell and limited trade-in of used cameras.

Book Junction has kept books alive for 20 years, promoting the practice of reading it, and passing it onto the next consumer at a greatly reduced price.

Breakaway Sportfishing is an eco-conscious company focused on teaching responsible sports fishing to the public. The crew and staff of each charter spend time with passengers, helping them and teaching them about healthy oceans.

By the Sea Cleaners uses eco-friendly products in its shop. The company adheres to strict air quality standards.

Chuck Dent is all about the environment and healthy ocean. The company recycles, trades, and provides the newest environmentally friendly surfboard designs.

Computer Repair seeks to add more life to your existing computer products. By fixing and repairing broken items, they prolong the time till these electronics must be recycled.

The longer you maintain your items in storage, the longer their useful lives are extended, reducing the amount of trash created in landfill.

First Bank offers a free tote bag to use in place of disposable bags taken from stores, then thrown away. How wasteful is that practice!

Roger the Handyman is the ultimate recycler. If it can be fixed or repaired, he'd much rather save you money and save the environment, than see appliances and other items thrown away.

HB Scooters are eco-friendly in relationship to cars, SUVs, and trucks, using less gas, and by-products to pollute our precious air.

Huntington Beach Realty is a company focused on preservation of the city of Huntington Beach. It seeks to promote and help maintain the charm that although is considered old fashioned, allows a quality of life for tourists and residents to the city.


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