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Coach’s Deli Coupon 20% Savings in Downtown Huntington Beach


When Coach’s Mediterranean restaurant opened Coach’s Deli about a year ago, the little cafe that took over a former telephone store was transformed into a classic neighborhood deli in style of Jersey Joe’s. And, as luck would have it, the location was right across the street from the former beloved neighborhood deli! Many of us remember Council Member Joe Carchio’s shop that served delicious sandwiches, hot dogs and treats reminding us of “back east”.

Joe Carchio’s venture into downtown meal-serving was a cut above fast food offerings during that era–Burger King and Taco Bell. The sandwiches were great and the service top-rate. Coach’s has filled that void, thanks to Abdo Zeidan’s deli. Beautiful stone and granite flooring and counters, quality meats from Boar’s Head, fresh-made soups, sandwiches and meals all satisfy your hunger and turn you into a repeat customer.

While Carchio is no longer serving his great meals, but instead is promoting deals with the Surf City Savings program in his capacity as a public servant, Abdo Zeidan has filled those tough-to-fill Carchio shoes with a deli style diner that’s offering a coupon of its own through the Downtown Huntington Beach Coupons program, huntingtonbeachcoupon.com.

Located next to Starbucks on Olive near Main, head in for some pick-me-up dishes during the US Open of Surfing weekend and get 20% off with this super coupon. If you can’t make it then, use the coupon on your next visit such as the weekly Tuesday night Surf City Nights.