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Happy Centennial 2009 Surf City!

As residents of Surf City make decisions about how to live their lives, “quality of life” is usually in the forefront of each person's mind. How does the desire for a happy, healthy life affect our choices about daily activities? How do we spend our time outside of the workplace? Do we enjoy connecting with family and friends? Do we crave quiet time after a hectic day? Is physical activity important? How do we make special “together” moments with our family? Do we have a desire to connect with the great out-of-doors?

The Huntington Beach City Community Services Department offers many activities and events to enhance your quality of life through
the great variety of open space opportunities, leisure-time programs, helpful services and community facilities and amenities that the City of Huntington Beach has to offer.

In Downtown Huntington Beach there are more than 50 special events each year, 50+ weekly Surf City Nights, the 100-year 4th of July Parade, Trick or Treat Downtown, and a community library and art center in the hub of it all.

In addition, you'll find four diamond hotels and resorts, plus affordable hotels, eclectic shopping, top salons, Real Estate brokers, and many things to see and do.

With countless reasons to celebrate the centennial, Downtown Huntington Beach is the spot where it all happens.